An Old Friend

The garter snake made his appearance again today.

Ava spotted him out the back door. She yelled to me, "MOM! MOM! THE SNAKE!"

Considering the fact that we have a dog (he's a Rat Terrier/Shih Tzu mix) that is very protective of "his" yard and has killed snakes out there before...this particular snake is being quite brave to venture onto the stone patio for all the world to see. And as you can see he is coiled around one of Baxter's tennis balls.

So we are looking at this thing out the sliding glass door and Baxter is right there with us scratching at the door and wagging his tail. And I'm thinking how is this snake going to escape...and I'm guessing I'm gonna have to go out there and poke it till it goes and hides in the bushes before our "king of the yard" goes out and attacks...when low and behold that's not what Baxter wants to go out there for. He's seen something better to chase. A young rabbit that has been hanging around in our backyard that doesn't seem to "get it" and keeps coming around for Baxter to chase. So I let Baxter out and he runs right past the snake and chases the rabbit till it runs under the fence. Phew!

Laney comes in the house yesterday and brings in this robin egg that she found out in the front yard.

And so we look it all over and have a discussion about birds and their eggs and how they throw them out of the nest, away from the nest, so that predators won't find where the nest is. And we were talking about the colors of different eggs and all kinds of interesting things.

And all this to got me thinking about life...and when we decided to move to "the burbs" I was quite upset because I a had grown up in the country with a garden and lots of animals and wildlife and a certain lifestyle (chopping firewood, tapping trees for sap to make maple syrup, having our own garden and canning and freezing our own vegetables, playing in the woods as a kid, etc.) that I just really wanted to be able to do with my kids. But as life often never turns out the way you thought it would and here we are living outside of Denver in the burbs in a very different environment than that of my childhood. And I figured there was just no way that my kids would ever have any of these experiences at all. But low and behold God has such a way of giving you little nuggets of BleSSiNgs in your life...even if they seem like the smallest most insignificant things. We see so much wildlife and so much of nature around in our backyard and in our subdivision its really quite surprising to me. And so what I thought was going to be so awful about living here has actually turned out to be not not bad...just different.

So if you haven't done it lately...slow down...take a look around you...there's so many awesome things probably right there in your backyard...or wherever you happen to be.

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