Among the Living

I think it is time to join the living again...I'm tired of being among the walking dead...or the laying on the couch dead as the case may be. ;D  This flu has kicked me in the behind!!!  I'm slowly climbing out of the hole.  Last night I went through the entire night without waking up with some kind of problem.  That is a small miracle in and of itself.  I do not have all my energy back and I'm still coughing but I think the worst is over.

I'm not sure how I was able to get anything done but I managed to squeeze in some designing here and there.  I've put three new products in my store...




Here's the weekly can download it in my sidebar (for a limited time...remember these don't stay forever!!!)


Actually this was the only thing I did while sick.  I have to thank my dh for keeping up with the house and taking care of the girls while I was sick.  Thanks honey! ;D

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  1. golly I love all of these.. they are sooooooo great!!! you do such great work... can't believe I missed the freebie... will have to do better as a friend and blogger... being sick for nearly 3weeks doesn't count. Hope all is going well... I'm off now to check out everything else of yours I've missed!!! {{Hugs}} Michelle