We planned a family bike ride on Saturday.  As you know we have been going on regular bike rides with the kids.  They have been going at least 10 miles with no problems.  So of course we didn't think anything would go wrong on yeah.  I got a good photo of Ava.  But that's about it.  ;D

Laney went about 100 feet and started crying that she wanted to turn around.  We pushed her for about 3 miles and couldn't stand her crying anymore so we turned around.  I've never heard Laney complain so much in my life.  She was crying the whole way back.  Saying she couldn't make it.  She was tired.  She was never going to ride her bike again.  She was completely unreasonable.  To the point where I had to ignore her and just keep riding so she wouldn't stop by the side of the trail and give up.

All of a sudden she got quiet.  She rode up beside me and said, "Mom?"

"Yes Laney?"

"Do you still love me?"



2 Responses

  1. Isn't it funny how sometimes if you ignore the crying... they realize what they've done and want to make up and make sure you still love them... it really is precious... Great pic of Ava... glad it all ended on a {love}ly note... {{HUGS}} Michelle
  2. Wendy
    Awww Poor Laney!! They always need that reassurance that they are loved even though they are bad! So did she ever tell you what was wrong? Y'all were doing so good! Yes and the positive was a GREAT photo of Ava! Look at that beautiful smile :o)