All Weekend Long

I'll bet you'll never guess what Laney wanted to do all weekend long.  Yes.  Ride her bike.  I remember when Ava learned how to ride hers and she was just outside all day long riding it.  Laney is the same.  She's ridden it so much she has blisters on her thumbs and she's complaining her legs are sore and that she is tired.  But that doesn't seem to stop her from going out there again and again.

Saturday Corey took them for a ride on the Cherry Creek Trail while I was getting my hair cut.  They went three miles.  Laney begged us to go again so when it cooled off we went again in the evening.  We went another three miles.  This is something different from Ava.  Laney has amazing stamina.  She can go and go and go.  Ava goes for a little while and then crashes.  So when we first started riding with Ava we couldn't go nearly as far as we are with Laney.  She had to work up to it.  It is so interesting how different they are.


And just because it is so darn green so late in the summer...


Last night we went on another ride and we went 5 miles.  I was shocked.  And remember, Laney is on a little bike and we are all on bikes with big wheels and gears.  I can't believe she's doing this.  Last night, after this long ride, they were asking to go again in the morning.  So I agreed to get up early so we could beat the heat.  We got up early and went about 4 miles.  There was a little bit of complaining this morning.  I'm thinking perhaps they have had enough riding from the weekend?  The heart is willing but the body is weak! ;D  Laney can fit Ava's old bike that has bigger tires and gears but she's got it in her head that she can't.  She doesn't know that once you can ride a bike you can pretty much ride any bike.  It is very much a mental issue with her.  I'm hoping she gets over it so it will be easier for her to keep up and not pedal so darn hard.  You should see her little legs go! ;D


I cannot believe how green it is here this summer! ;D




All these photos were taken with Corey's Kodak point-and-shoot.  That thing is handy and takes great photos when I don't want to carry around my Canon! ;D

What did you do this weekend?

2 Responses

  1. Wendy
    Awesome!! I think my muscles would be sore! Your girls are amazing!! And you can stop with the "Everything is Green", lol...I was watching a storm come our way this afternoon and thinking Oh how I would love to have some grass, green grass! And guess what? The storm fizzled out right before it got to us, ARGH!!
  2. Ann
    I recovered my daughter after camp. She went to John Hopkins creative writing camp, so we went to get her in PA. Love the pictures Jen! Ann