All Together Now…Wait!

Ava's concert last night was...wonderful.  AND.  Not without its own set of mishaps. ;D

Does everything go perfectly?  I could write all about the good stuff and never the bad.  But as it was put to me recently, "Why lie?" ;D  Jeni...I'm thinking of you sweetie!

As a parent you try to set everything up so your kid does well but there are just some things you just can't foresee.  Like...

When they get up on stage and are all ready for their part...and they don't have a key ingredient for playing their instrument...a bow.


And you have to watch in agony as they just sit there with the rest of the orchestra playing.

And your child is not.

And they have worked for weeks and weeks on this.

I was sick inside.  But I'm also a do-er.  As in I cannot just sit there and watch things go down, especially where my kids are concerned, and do nothing.  I just can't.

So in between numbers she looks down at me and I'm like mouthing, "Where's your bow?"  And she points to the conductor and mouths, "In Mr. P__'s room."  I knew they weren't done yet and it was worth at least investigating to see if I could find it and get it to her.

So I went looking.  I found it.  Went back stage and had a student deliver it to her in between songs.

She was able to finish with it.

All that said...not to take away from anyone else because Ava was, I'm sure, nervous as this was her first performance ever and I'm sure that played into forgetting an important part of her instrument...the concert was absolutely wonderful.  I'm so impressed with every kid!  Wow.

Even my kid.  When she realized what she had done she didn't freak.  She had desperation written all over her face but she just sat there like she knew what she was doing and acted all professional.  She plucked when she could and just didn't bow...until I got it to her.  There wasn't too long of a time ago she would have slumped down and pouted and just been an absolute...well jerk.  And stayed that way.  All night. ;D  She has really pulled herself together recently.

Sometimes. ;D

4 Responses

  1. Jeni
    Omigosh, what a story! And brava for Ava!! Beginning well aith a good attitude, and finishing well with good music! She looks fantastic with her cello. I'm so impressed with her. Hugs all around! :) (Ain't gonna lie!!)
  2. Wendy
    Absolutely wonderful! Yeah Ava for being brave and Yeah Mom for saving the day/night!
  3. I have laughed so loud, such a wonderful story. Hugs for you sweet daughter! the way, she looks very proud:)
  4. corey
    At least she had the bow for the obligatory blog pic :D