All quiet on the western front…

The girls went back to school this morning after being off for two weeks for Christmas and New Year.  All was very quiet in the house this morning.

I used the time to finish up my December Daily Album.  Wanted to get it done before it got too far into the New Year.  I'm happy that I did this project.  Happy that I took photos every day...or almost every day.  And happy that the album is pretty much photos + words.  I like the simplicity of it!  I've just posted some of the pages...not all.  If you click here or on the first photo (below) you can see the entire album.

dec daily front cover

dec daily p1

dec daily 2

dec daily 6

dec daily 8

dec daily 9

dec daily 10

dec daily 12

Did any of you out there do the December Daily Album?  If did it turn out???

2 Responses

  1. What a beautiful December Daily album!! I followed your link from Ali's blog, and I just wanted to leave a message and thank you for sharing this!
  2. I love how it turned out!!! Great Job!!! I've started mine, but haven't got it finished... and now after seeing yours I think I over thought it a bit and will have to re-think the whole thing... Thanks for the inspiration! {{HUGS}} Michelle