All Hail the Weather

Monday afternoon the girls and I came home from shopping at Sam's to this...



You can imagine the damage it did to all the trees and plants.  My peonies took a beating.  I salvaged what I could and brought in the last few blossoms for us to enjoy.  ;D


There were 6 tornadoes that touched down just east of us.  I did see one of them driving back into town from shopping.  I didn't get a photo of it but this is what it looked like...


I know this may be a normal thing for some but it is not for me.  We've had 9 days straight of severe weather and tornadoes almost everyday and its kinda freaky.  I didn't grow up in an area with tornadoes and I didn't know Colorado had them when we moved here.  It's kinda freaky.

3 Responses

  1. Golly Jen... I remember them from when I was kid there... not a fun thing... scary... and the hail... ugh!! Be careful... {{HUGS}} Michelle
  2. Wendy
    Yikes!! I hate hail...really hate it!! I've been seeing the tornado's in the news, scarey! I grew up around them and here we seldom see any...Glad you and your family are okay!
  3. Hey Jen, Thanks for commenting on my blog! Those tornados are erie (sp?)! Um, this would be a good reason to stockpile food. That way you don't have to go out to Sam's and get caught in a tornado or driving fast away from one! Be careful!