Sometimes when you live with people who are opposite personality from you...things can be fun...and things can be completely frustrating.  Take for example...what makes Laney and Corey free spirits and fun spur of the moment people also makes them completely forgetful flakes!  And that part drives me bananas!!!  Take Corey...I've been reminding him to call the sprinkler people since the beginning of October.  He didn't call them until this past weekend and scheduled them for this Friday...and he's all proud of himself and wants a pat on de back...only it's a little too late cause the sprinkler head burst last night and I discovered it this morning and had to go down in the basement and turn the shut off valve off...which is no small feat...knocked over a box which summarily fell over onto my scrapbooking area and knocked over a lamp and some other things...I haven't even looked at that...I'm so mad.  GRRRRRRRRRR

To quote a famous movie..."This will all soon be but a happy memory." Yeah...I'll let ya know.  I'm not laughing yet.

And Laney is always losing things and putting things in strange places and then just when we need to get out the door..."Mom, I can't find my dance shoes..." or whatever else she needs.  It drives me INSANE!!!  And I'm the designated person who is supposed to remember where she puts things...Corey is the SAME way.

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So this is what Laney did yesterday.  She got some new playdough from a Halloween party at church last weekend.  She wanted to play with it.  I was too tired to get out all the playdough and so I said ok you can play with it right here in the living room on the coffee table just DON'T GET IT ON THE CARPET!!!  "Ok, Mom!"  Yeah right.  Next thing I know Laney is saying to me..."Mom I got the playdough in the carpet."  And I know what you are thinking...Jen, you are partly to blame.  Probably...but in my mind I'm thinking she's almost 6...wth???

"Just a little bit right?"

"No.  All of it."



"Laney what do you mean all of it???"  Trying not to blow it.  And at this point from where I was sitting I couldn't see what she had done or where it was.

"I mushed it into the carpet.  I just wanted to see what it would do if I did it.  And if it would come up."  in the smallest voice ever.

I looked around the coffee table and there it was...completely flattened into the a pancake.  "LANEY!!!!"  I yelled.  "Isn't this exactly what I told you NOT to do???"

"Yes."  Still in the smallest voice.

I started to try to get it up.  The dough on the very top was coming up...but not what was really pushed down into the carpet.  In fact...I think it had bond-o'ed to it.  Sheesh.  "Guess what Laney?  It is NOT coming up.  I am SO not happy with you right now."

She left the room and I assume dissappeared into her room.  At that point I didn't much care.  Good thing too cause I think there would have been more that playdough mushed into the carpet!!! ;D  GRRRRR...

This has been somewhat of a pattern for her lately...disobeying with things that she clearly understands and knows to be the wrong thing...rules that have been in place for a long time and she has been obeying for a long time.  Not sure what kind of phase it is...but can she just move right on out of it please!!!

Side note...the other day Laney says to me, "Mom, when I have kids I'm NEVER going to yell at them."

I said, "You start out that way Laney.  I made that vow too...but stuff just happens.  You don't mean to but you do.  I apologize to you.  I know it doesn't make it right but doesn't it make it somewhat better?"

"Yeah.  But I'm still not going to yell at them ever."

"Laney if you never yell at your kids then I'll give you a medal."

We'll see how THAT one turns out.

2 Responses

  1. Golly... how's the carpet??? Interesting how they hear you say 'don't do it' - but want to see what would happen if they do... and the yelling... Tell Laney... it's inevitable... it happens when you want to keep kids safe... get a point across... or if it's the only way to get them to listen... not the greatest method... but effective... sorry Laney but it's true - it will happen! :(
  2. Jeni
    Another Omigosh! I'm so sorry for you, and sooooo happy that the boys are past the playdough phase! :) Although, it's not worth mentioning here the new phases A's entered and exited over the last few years. Thank God for hair color, that's all I have to say!