A Year’s Time

I decided to look over my Archives to write about my blogoversary.

Some things to share...

When I write from the heart it is the most scary.  And it gets the most responses and most traffic to my blog.  Not that I do it for that reason.  I just find that interesting.

When I first started my blog I felt the need to write something everyday.  If  I didn't I felt like I was worthless.  My husband told me a golden piece of advice.  If you don't have anything to say, don't.  Rather than write junk...don't write anything.  Was one of the best pieces of advice anyone has given me about blogging.

Digital designing...when I put my first few pieces out there I was petrified.  But...I knew that if I didn't put anything out there I would never strive to get better.  See...it doesn't matter how much work I do on my computer.  If I don't put it out there in front of an audience, for some reason that's the thing that pushes me to become better.  So even tho it may be embarrassing to look at some of my first designs or my first layouts that I posted...I'm so glad that I did.  And a year from now I'm sure I'll say the same thing about what I'm producing now.  At least I hope so...cause that means I'll have improved from this point as well!

The easiest thing to write about...Laney.  The hardest thing...my childhood.

Something unexpected...I've met several really great people thru this blog.

My favorite post...the one I wrote the other day about Fear.

My favorite layout...This is actually my very first digital layout.  It also got me in the top ten of week 5 of the Ultimate Summer Challenge last summer over at Scrapbooketc.com.  That is not exactly why it is my favorite layout of last year.  I think it is because it was my first attempt at digital.  I didn't really know what in the world I was doing but I still managed to do a pretty darn good job and I just love the simplicity of it! ;D


My favorite photo...this one of Corey and the girls in Arches National Park.  I've commented before that it is one of my favorite photos.


Reflecting has been a bit difficult for me.  I'm not exactly sure why.  I wanted to be all sentimental and eloquent and tie everything all together in a neat little package but I'm just not able to do it.  So I'm just going to push forward and write about what I know.  The events of today...isn't that one of the major reasons I started this blog anyway??? ;D

This morning we were getting ready for school and having several conversations.  One overlapping another.  Each of us interrupting another.  Laney kept getting interrupted the worst.  After she had been interrupted for like the millionth time and everyone was done talking she said, "As I was saying!!!!"

I busted a gut!  I said, "Where in the heck did she get THAT from?"

Corey, Ava and Laney all turned to me and said, "YOU!'

"I do not say THAT!"

"Um, yeah ya do."  was the response I got.

You never really realize what you say until you hear your kids repeating it back to ya. ;D  I am still convinced I don't say it but that's not what the rest of my clan say.


The only person, that I'm aware of, that participated in my bloggie-versary challenge was my dear friend Wendy.  She did several layouts with some of my designs.  She did a marvelous job!  Check out her blog here. Here are the layouts she did...




So congratulations Wendy!  You get the gift certificate to Designer Digitals!

And just cause I'm feeling so wonderful today...leave a comment on this post...to celebrate my blogoversary today and I'll draw a winner (on Thursday) for another gift certificate to Designer Digitals.  Since I have a couple left over from the challenge...;D  Good luck!

5 Responses

  1. Ann
    Jen, my favorite post from you was also Fear, I reflected on it for a while. Congratulation my new e-friend. Ann
  2. Oh cool, thank you JEN!! I was reading along and imagine my surprise when I came to the bottom!! YEA!! I love your first digi layout, that is sweet!! I will NOT show you mine, lol...In fact I think they are so old they are on floppy disc...Yikes!! I love your blog...and your photos, and your digi items...and your layouts!! You are remarkable and do a fantastic job!! So glad I found your blog and have made a new friend!! Happy Blogoversary!! Aren't you so glad you started it...I am!!
  3. jen Wolff
    Happy blogoversary!!!! It's great getting to know cyberfriends through their blogs!!!
  4. Brandy
    Congrats on your one year aniversery!! Thanks for the inspiration. I love the digi LO and designs. Thanks Brandy
  5. Okay... so where was I and what was I doing so I didn't do the blog-oversary challenge... I don't remember seeing it... I'm so sorry... I would have done it.... congrats Wendy... Congrats on a year and having such an inspirational blog for me follow... {{HUGS}} Michelle