A Photoshop Challenge

I've been really living on Jessica Sprague's blog...just trying to learn all I can about Photoshop.  She has a series called Photoshop Friday that has some kind of Photoshop how-to and sometimes a challenge with it.  This week's Photoshop Friday was about taking screen shots of things on your computer and then editing them in Photoshop.  The challenge was taking screen shots of your city and neighborhood and then a photo of your house and then do a lo with them.  Here's my take on the challenge...

I love Jessica's blog...she is a wealth of information!  Her instructions are very easy to follow and I've learned a TON!  If you have time and you want to learn more about digi stuff I highly recommend it!!  I knew almost nothing about Photoshop about 2 months ago and most of the stuff I've learned has all been just poking around on her site. ;D

1 Response

  1. What a great layout! I love all the elements you have used! And....I also have to try the Screen Shot with maps! That was a really cool idea from JS!!!! Bianca from Germany!