A Pair of Funky Glasses

Laney came running out to the car at carpool today with a pair of sunglasses on.  One of the lenses was missing.  I thought it was adorable.  She got in the car and I said, "Cute glasses."  Ava said, "But one of the lenses is missing."  Ugh.  Of course then Laney starts to whine and cry saying that one of her 'best friends' chose the glasses out of the treasure box but then didn't want them and "convinced" Laney to trade.  This is NOT the first time this has happened.  And Laney has come home with either what she didn't really want...or a broken toy cause another child made a poor choice and Laney is too nice to say no.  And I tell her it is okay to tell them no and she immediately rushes to their defence if I say that doesn't sound like they are being a good friend to her.  She whines and cries but when I tell her how to deal with it she doesn't want to.  Sigh.

So I said to Laney, "Well never mind about --- (her 'friend').  We are going to take those glasses home and make them so special she would wish she had chose them!"  That got her excited!  So this is what I did with them...


We now refer to them as her "funky glasses" and we are talking about all the places she can wear them and be cool.  ;D  Ava joined in and is being extremely supportive.  Even telling her she can find other friends who won't do that to her.  So cool!!!

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