A New FREE Class!!!

I've been talking about Jessica Sprague's Now We're Rockin' With Photoshop Class which I am taking right now.  I can't really talk about it too much...I mean we are specifically asked to not reveal certain things about the class...so I've been careful not to really talk about specifics at all...just post my work.  But on her blog she's been hinting and hinting about a new class that is coming out and she revealed it today...and said to spread the word and since I love the class I'm taking right now I'm more than happy to promote her in general...she is wonderful!!!!  This class that she is offering in November is FREE!  So if you have been on the fence at all about taking one of her classes...you have no excuse! ;D  This class is for scrapbookers AND non-scrapers as well!!!  I'm thinking of you Jeni!  How can that be?  Well she does such a fabulous job explaining it all that I'll just let her do it and not steal her thunder!  Click on the picture below and it will take you to the link on her blog.

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  1. Jeni
    You're so funny! Alright already, I'll check it out...jeez! No, I'm glad you're thinking of me. I was just telling somebody the other day that I should persue something since I have all these great photos and they're stuck in limbo on my computer. Thanks for the shove, glad there weren't any cliffs nearby...!! :-)