A Little Crafty, A Little Dirty

Last night we got a little crafty and a little dirty.  Not on purpose.  Just kinda worked out that way.  Ava has these paper pom-poms that I got to hang in her room.  I folded them and I am letting her open them up.  It is actually not that difficult for a kid of her age to do.  So that is what she was working on last night.


Laney got a mini plant pot from a birthday party she went to recently.  She's been pestering me about planting them.  So we did that last night as well.  She loves dirt!  She loves the smell of it!  I do too.  I thought that was interesting.  She was commenting on the smell of the potting soil and I was smiling.  I love the smell of a greenhouse.  Do you know that smell?


So hopefully something will sprout soon.  And soon we will have a room full of pom-poms...just like Laney's room is full of them. ;D

I LOVE moments like these!!!

2 Responses

  1. WendyN
    Your such a good Mom!! So what did Laney plant? That is a huge paper Pom Pom! Y'all can come play in the dirt here, lol...Michael is still playing with his play dough...never liked it until now? He made me a pizza and a tortilla, lol.
  2. corey
    re: the smell of dirt...that would make her YOUR child :D