A Little Birdy Told Me

I have a twig wreath hanging on the side of my house.  It is in the front of the house beside the porch.  Every spring this little bird tries to build a nest in it.  I see it out there in it getting a "little too comfortable" if you know what I mean.  Every year for about a week or so I have to take the wreath down so this bird will not build her nest there.  I figure it is a horrible spot.  I can't imagine what this bird sees in this spot to keep coming back to it year after year.  We are always in and out of the front door and would be disturbing her.  Well...this year for some reason I missed the window.  I didn't keep track and forgot to take it down and darn-it-all if she didn't go and build in there this year!  I'm not sure what the rest of the season holds for it but every time we come in the driveway and get out of the car or we go out the front door or come in the front door it flies off.  I could have told her it was a terrible place!  Corey says she probably wants to be there cause it's under the eaves of the house.  Who knows...


2 Responses

  1. Jeni
    Fun! I'm jealous, would love to have an upclose and personal view of birdies!
  2. It is more than likely a wren and they love to build their nests in those types of places. You might be surprised as they will do quiet well even with you coming and going. My Wren pair did not come back last year as the year before a very large snake found their nest on the planter on our porch. They have a nest somewhere around our house as the male sings his song every morning and I love it!!