A Horse of Course

Some of you know that Ava took gymnastics during the school year.  And if you know that you know that she got a little burnt out and decided to take a break.  Recently she decided to make that break permanent and wanted to try something new.  She landed on horseback riding.  After researching local facilities we picked one.  This particular place teaches Vaulting which is basically gymnastics on horseback.  The concept is supposed to help riders have better control of themselves and understand the horse's movements and help with safety so when they move on to actual riding they will have more confidence and knowledge.  I'd never heard of it before but it made perfect sense when they explained it.

We had our orientation and Ava had her first lesson today.  It went very well!





3 Responses

  1. Jeni
    So cool! Did you know that if a girl has a passion for horses and is allowed to experience it, she will not be as interested in boys when she's a teen? Her love and desires go right into the horse. Great job getting her into them! I never got to play with horses either when I was little, and if we ever sell the boat I'll finally get to take lessons!
  2. Okay I'm giving this comment thing a try again...and it seems to be working, lol...Ava looks like a natural and I am so jealous, sigh!! Good for you Mom on giving her a chance and letting her expand and experience different things. My parents discouraged me away from horses most of my life and I proved and fought them the whole way too! Glad I did too as my horses have been a Big part of my life!
  3. It's a good thing she already took gymnastics!!