A Great Weekend Creative Project

Ali Edwards posted a great Weekend Creative project on her blog yesterday.  It was just perfect for what I was thinking of doing with my summer photos.  I haven't printed a single one...bad I know.  But I was thinking of putting them all together in a photo book anyway and her post came along...you can read it here.  I downloaded the template last night from designer digitals and started working on it last night.  I'm not going to procrastinate!!!!  Here is the first page...

I changed a couple minor things on it.  But let me say this...if you are looking to start out in digital and are lost as to where to start...this might not be a bad place to.  Templates are very easy to work with.  Ali's designs are very stylish and yet simple.  I'm kind of in a creative low right now and so this is just what I need.  Just a template to plug things in and as Ali is always saying...get the story down!!!  I was having fun just plugging things in and getting the right papers to compliment each other and the photo.  So have fun with this if you choose and if you feel like it...share with me what you end up doing...and share with Ali too...she is the creative genius behind it!!! ;D

Have a great weekend!

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