A Few Things + A Give-a-way

I'm trying to get caught up.  With my class.  With housework.  With my blog.  And the girls are now on Fall Break so they are here all day now...I can see that I'm probably not going to get a whole lot done...the fighting started at the crack of dawn...sigh...

Well late last night I got my week 3 assignment done for NWR.  Just in time for week 4 to start today...I got the email for it as I was working last night...another sigh.  Guess I'm probably going to have to go back in and revisit a lot of the stuff in there later...good thing I can access it forever! ;D

Jessica Sprague's new class opened up last night at midnight!  I signed up already!!!  Who's gonna join me...Jeni????? ;D  It's FREE!!!  And remember you don't have to be a scrapbooker to do this particular class!  If you would like more information about it check out her blog post here.  If you want to register for the class check out her blog post here.  And there is all kinds of info about all her other classes at jessicasprague.com.

I got a new cool new gadget.  It's called the Bind-It-All.

I got it mostly cause I want to start making my own mini albums and I want to make them just the way I want.  It's a pretty cool gadget.  In the video it says you can make a mini book out of cds.  But I didn't see them actually demonstrating that.  So I decided to try it yesterday afternoon.  Sure enough!  It worked...very cute!!  Here's what I came up with...

I showed it to Corey and he said, "That's cute.  I've got a ton of cds kicking around that I need to throw away.  You want 'em?"  Um...yeaaaah!!!!  ;D  So now I'm swimming in cds! ;D

Would anyone like this mini album that I made???  Write a comment on this post.  I'll draw a winner on Friday!  Good luck! ;D

Happy Monday!

2 Responses

  1. Love the new LO and the gadget... it's pretty fun... been wondering how it is... will have to talk to you about it more... and love, love, love the album... great job, as usual!! Michelle
  2. Jeni
    Me me me! Pick me! Pick me! Mrs. Maddocks, yoo hoo! Things have been hectic here, big surprise! I still have a sinus infection, wah, R started Saxaphone this am, A starts piano tomorrow, been busy helping my Mom....it never ends. But it's all good, except I miss ya! I will try to visit that site tomorrow, been sleeping whenever allowed. P.S., your old house has an Obama sign in front of it! Lordy, Lordy! I almost stopped...