We went skiing at A-Basin over the weekend.  Some observations...

1.  I still get altitude sickness.  Even tho I took Dramamine.

2.  Spring skiing is good because we always seem to forget something and all the shops have everything marked down...usually 50% off or close to it so if you get in a jam you can get stuff pretty cheap.  I forgot my gloves.  Got a pair for $15. ;D  They are niiiiiiiice!

3.  Both kids seemed to have forgotten how to ski.  Maybe because we didn't take them last year.  I thought we were going to go home within the first 1/2 hour.  But then they seemed to dig deep and got over themselves.  Not sure what all that was about.

4.  Pack lots and lots of snacks.  Which we do.  But for some reason our kids just need to eat a snack like every single run...and that's just the bunny slope! lol!

5.  A-Basin is cold...even for spring skiing.  Which was good for the snow conditions...not so much for the warmth department.  Which I was not used to.  Spring skiing is supposed to be in t-shirts...isn't it? ;D

6.  For some reason we still cannot get used to the fact that sunscreen is a necessity while skiing here.  I did remember to put it on me and the kids but I didn't get it everywhere on Ava's face.  She has a very strange burn pattern on her face.  So does Corey.  Freaky looking. ;D

And now for some photos...







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  1. Wow it looks like an AWESOME place!! Love that first photo, breath-taking!! The only sking that I know that isn't cold is water sking, lol...Never been down hill but used to go cross country all the time and always loved to try the slopes in cross-country ski's, lol...very challenging...Laughing at the photo of your husband on the ground...That would be ME!! The photos of the girls are adorable, GREAT job MOM!! I love that last photo of the girls, great angle and depth of view! Looks like y'all had fun! So glad the girls got the hang of it and you were able to stay...Sounds like you got a great deal on the gloves...and oops to the sunburn, it happens!! Here you are sking in April and hopefully this weekend we are headed to the beach, lol...a warm beach mind you :o)