5 Good Reasons

My scrapping has been kinda interesting for me recently...in that I mean different that my usual style. Maybe it was my brush with death. Maybe it is the medication I am taking. Whatever it is...I'm liking it! ;D I don't usually scrap about things that have to do with my emotions or death or whatever...but that's what everyone says we should be scrapping about. See...more of "not what I usually do". But like I said...I'm going with it...

Journaling says...

Coming close to death didn’t really hit me fully until I saw this photo of me and the girls and something just broke inside me.  I’m not really afraid of death per se, I’m more afraid of leaving my girls behind and not being able to raise them.  So as I work through these emotions I think why not just find things to celebrate about life.  Let’s just start with 5...being a momma, married to my bff, Ava. nuff said, Ney Ney...watching you blossom and being a designer and artist.  I could make a list of 500 things but I’m just going to start with 5!  So, thank you God that I’m still alive to enjoy life just a little longer.

All Materials found on ScrapArtist.com
Painted Papers 1st - Brandie Butcher-Isley
Birthday Bling - Scrap Artist Collab
Piece of Cake - Wish Bliss
Sponged Shmootz - NRJ
Christmas in your Heart - Dianne Rigdon
Chunky Chip White Alpha - Amber Clegg
Basic Whites - Sherrie JD
Ooh La La Blog Train Freebie - Heaven's Gate Designs by Laurie Ann

4 Responses

  1. Ann
    Awesome Jen, life is good as long as we have and even more when blessed with family and the appreciation of it. Ann
  2. what a fun lo!!! love the ice cream!!! {{hugs}} Michelle
  3. Wendy N
    I love it!! God's Blessings!
  4. I'm so glad that everything turned out okay for you on the medical front- just reading your post about it was so scary! I've noticed that you've started including more photos of yourself in your blog posts and on your pages. Maybe another change in your scrapping?