35 but not 36

For some reason turning 35 didn't bother me.  But turning thirty-six...yeah.  Maybe it is cause it is on the down slope to 40...I don't know.  Same thing when I hit 30...that was ok.  Thirty-one...not so much.  The joke in my family is I'm not going to get any older...I'll have more birthdays but I'm staying 36 forever.  Laney says, "You are going to be a 36 year old Grandmother???"  Yep!  You got it! ;D  Ava, the pragmatic one, says, "I don't THINK so!"  She's so much like me it is scary.

They took me out to Red Robin last night.  I had a coupon for a free burger for my birthday...which kept the bill down...yay!

And then just because it was on my camera...here's a picture of Laney with Skits.  He's really been great lately.  We were punishing him for bad behavior and everything seemed to be getting worse.  So I went online and did some reading and found out some interesting facts about Westies.  We completely changed our tactics with him and stopped punishing him for having accidents in the house.  Its been about a week...he's a completely different dog...we were seriously at whits end.  Little did we know we were the ones contributing to the bad behavior.  He's doing much better and is more loving...like a Westie is supposed to be!  Oh, and having less and less accidents as we go.  I think he may be getting it!  Yay!  He really is an excellent dog!  Smart as a whip!

3 Responses

  1. Ann
    Happy happy Birthday Jen!! Ann
  2. Jeni
    Aww, there's my friend! You look so beautiful!!! So funny about Skits, that's what we ended up doing with Adam, too. (I'd say ha ha, but it's no joke...) Everyone likes positive reinforcement. Happy Birthday again, my dear friend.
  3. Wendy
    Your 36? No way!! You look 30, sheesh! LOL to the family joke and not going past 36...I stopped at 21 :o) To bad my body didn't! So glad you had a good day and dinner with family too. Looks delicious and I love all the photos, Yea!! I'd have made you a cake but mailing it would have been a problem, ewww... I'm glad Skits is doing better. Westies are very smart and so glad you learned how to deal with him. He's sweet! Have a great rest of your week...Freedom coming soon, he he he.