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Our House

Our House is a Studio Collection focused on cozy textiles, natural woods, neutrals & whites and greenery. There are different principles of color theory in Our House that we will be discussing all November long. I chose Complementary Colors in my part of this collection. Complementary Colors are any two colors which are directly opposite each other. The colors from the palette that I chose were blue and brown. This collection is all new in my shop and on sale at 30% off!

And for your convenience the entire collection is together in the Bundle and is 40% off!

Here's some Creative Team inspiration for this Collection...

October Eves was the Studio Anthology for October. If you didn't get a chance to pick it up, it is now in my shop!

October Eves is a panorama of autumn in all her delightful bounty, from pumpkins & falling leaves to a tiny tingle down the spine on the eve of Halloween. You'll find fall foliage, earthy mushrooms, bare branches & pumpkins galore, all rendered in hand-crafted mixed-media style.

And you can find all these wonderful products all together in the Bundle.

Other recent new releases in my shop...

I hope your day is fabulous!