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Faithbooking Faithfulness…it’s all NEW!!

This week's new release is another wonderful installment of the Faithbook Series Fruits of the Spirit.  This month's highlight is Faithfulness.

Faithbooking Faithfulness focuses on the Fruits of the Spirit “faithfulness” with soft greens, blues and purples.  This kit is designed to follow along with the Faithbook Scrapbooking June prompt for our Slack group.  Great for scrapping your art journaling faith based pages within that group or for your own use.  There are enough elements in this kit for those of you who are not of a religious background.

Did you know that I have my own shop right here on my blog?  You don't even have to leave this site to grab these wonderful new products!!  (While not all of my products are there I am working on adding them all.  Check back frequently!)

So you have two great places to shop my products.  Here on my site and also at The Studio!

You can find these new products in both places at 20% off.  Purchase the Bundle and save 40% off!!

FB Faithfulness {Kit}folder-jmadd-fbfaithfulness-kit
FB Faithfulness {Papers}folder-jmadd-fbfaithfulness-pp
FB Faithfulness {Constellations}folder-jmadd-fbfaithfulness-constellations
FB Faithfulness {Photo Masks}folder-jmadd-fbfaithfulness-pmasks
FB Faithfulness {Ombre Papers}folder-jmadd-fbfaithfulness-ombrepp
FB Faithfulness {Word Art}folder-jmadd-fbfaithfulness-wa
FB Faithfulness {Bundle}folder-jmadd-fbfaithfulness-bundle

Here's some artful inspirations for you that were made with this collection...

From me...



From Anja...


From Joanne...



From Diane...


From Jeannette...

4A-Child's-Faith Jeannette

And from Kerstin...


In addition to new products, my Bricolage Challenge for July is now up in The Studio forum.  Please stop on by!  I'd love to see you there!!


Have a wonderful weekend and for my American friends, Happy Independence Day!!



Red, White & Blue!!

Let's hear it for the Red, White and Blue!  In anticipation of America's birthday celebration I've made a great collection for those of you who have been asking me about this.  May I present Artful Marks {Freedom}!

Happy Birthday, America!  Celebrate Independence Day, America's birthday, in your artistic pages with this red, white and blue themed kit.  Our great country is something to celebrate and this kit will help you to remember that we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

You can find these products in my shop and at 20% off right now!  Purchase the bundle and save 40%!  Enjoy!

Artful Marks Freedom {Kit}folder-jmadd-amfreedom-kit

Artful Marks Freedom {Papers}folder-jmadd-amfreedom-papers

Artful Marks Freedom {Blends}folder_jmadd_libertyblends

Artful Marks Freedom {Photo Masks}folder-jmadd-amfreedom-pmasks

Artful Marks Freedom {Ombre Papers}folder-jmadd-amfreedom-ombrepp

Artful Marks Freedom {Word Art}folder-jmadd-amfreedom-wa

Artful Marks Freedom {Bundle}folder-jmadd-amfreedom-bundle

Here's what my wonderful team made with this collection...


Here's what I made with this collection...



I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!



Artful Marks Fathers

Father's Day is just around the corner and so this week's new release is a kit that is perfect for this time of celebration!

A Father is neither an anchor to hold us back, nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.  This kit focuses on men and science in a Man’s World theme (see my other Man’s World kits).  Highlighting the masculine drive and fathers of mankind in blue, green and tan this kit is great for Father’s Day or for other powerful male pages.

You can find this collection in my shop and at 20% off.  Purchase the Bundle and save 40% off!

Artful Marks Fathers {Kit}


Artful Marks Fathers {Papers}


Artful Marks Fathers {Photo Masks}


Artful Marks Fathers {Art Scribbles}


Artful Marks Fathers {Word Art}


Artful Marks Fathers {Illuminate}


Artful Marks Fathers {Bundle}


Here are some Artful Inspirations for you from me and my Creative Team...



Have a wonderful weekend!



Open for Goodness

Ah, June.  I'm working with my office window open.  For now.  Until the summer heat gets too much and I have to run the AC.  I love this time of year.  Sunny and 75-80 degrees is my kind of weather.  It's good for my soul.

Speaking of good...this week's new release is another installment of the Faithbooking series.  This set focuses on Goodness.  I am getting used to a different work schedule since the girls have been out of school.  Getting a complete collection done proved problematic this week.  I hope things become easier in the weeks to come as I balance work and family time.  Fortunately my girls still want to hang with me even tho they are teenagers!!
You can find my latest release in my shop and at 20% off!!

Faithbooking Goodness {Kit}


Faithbooking Goodness {Papers}


Faithbooking Goodness {Ombre Papers}


Faithbooking Goodness {Word Art}


Here are some wonderful inspirations for you...

From me...



From Jeannette...


From Ann...


From Judy...


From Kerstin...


And from Diane...


The new challenge for June Bricolage Society is up in the forum.  If you haven't stopped by to check it out I'd love to have you!  Here's what it looks like:


And here's what I did with it:


I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!