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Art Dolls {Biba}

I have to admit that I really love the Art Doll craze.  I also have to admit that I rather like my take on the art dolls.  I love trying new things in art and this is just one example.  I hope you enjoy these new art dolls that I've created.  They are rather lovely. …

On My Mind :: Change

If you know me at all you know that I hate change. But if I know life, it's that change happens and that sometimes it is for the better.  Right now I'm in a season of some changes.  One was my website.  That change was really painful at first but turned out to be really…

20 Years of Friends

Apparently it was 20 years ago that Friends debuted.  I saw this posted the other day and thought to myself...Friends didn't start when I was 10!!!  Wait...I'm 40.  Crap. Friends always has been and always will be one of my favorite shows.  I've watched all the episodes numerous times.  Probably my all time favorite one...or…

Weekend Giveaway :: Art Dolls

It's a GIVEaway...not a GETaway...however BOTH girls are going other places to spend the night this weekend so Corey and I FEEL like it is a mini get-a-way!!!  Woot! Next week's release are some new Art Dolls and I'd LOVE to give you a chance to win them BEFORE they are even in the store!!!…

Fall Back

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I'm riding the high of my site relaunch and I want to share it with YOU!!!  I've got a new release for this week and I've love to give it away to someone!!!  Below are previews of the kit.  PERFECT for fall!!!!  As of 10:20am MST when I'm going to post this I haven't even put it in my store yet!!!!! EEEEE!!!!  To get it all you have to do is comment on this post and tell me what you think of my new site!  I will draw one lucky random winner on 9.19.14 Friday morning at 11am MST!  GOOD LUCK!!!!







Thanks so much for stopping by and good luck!!!




edited on Friday 9.19.14

Thank you for all who stopped by to take a peek at my new site!  I appreciate your time and your comments!!!!!!  I did a random generator for the posts and this is what I came up with:


Starting from the bottom of the comments (those are the first) and working our way up to the top that would mean that Bev is our random winner...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend all!!!



#TBT & Site Relaunch

I am THRILLED beyond words to have my website/blog back up and running!  For any of you that follow me you may have noticed that I was down about a week.  I got a new makeover while I was "away".  I am proud to say that except for just a few "tweaks" I did all…