16 Years Ago…

16 years ago Corey and I got married.  In case you were wondering...yes we were young...cause, no, I'm not THAT old! ;D  It has been an amazing ride so far.  Full of the normal ups and downs of life and married life.  I wouldn't change any of it for a minute and I cannot wait for the next 16!  I love you Honey!


Ali Edwards The Story Word Art
Lynn Grievenson Essential Bases No4
Katie Pertiet File Cards No1
Anna Aspnes Something Springy Overlays
Coffee Shop Brushes, Botched Ornaments Brushes found online
Heidi Larsen Wooden Buttons
Katie Pertiet Journaling Brushes-n-Stamps
Fonts: Ali Edwards Handwriting, Courier New, Susie's Hand
Photo taken by Cindy Merrill

1 Response

  1. corey
    Just think, if we'd had Ava the first year we were married, she'd be in high school now!