16 Things…A Good Exercise + Wacom Contest

A list of 16 things about yourself.  Simple right?  I saw it on Ali's blog today.  It wasn't today's post...but I hadn't been to her blog in a few days...trying to catch up.  Anyhoo...  I checked out the links she had to other bloggers who had done it.  I've seen it done in various forms.  Actually swore I wasn't going to do one.  And then...as I was doing housework today I got thinking about what I would write.  And it wasn't so easy for me...I mean I didn't just want to write my favorite color is...my favorite food is...my favorite movie is...  And while those things aren't bad to put down, by any means, I wanted to be a little bit more reflective...introspective...whatever.  I also didn't want to bare my soul to the world either! ;D

So here's the list that I came up with.  It is by no means exhaustive or conclusive...

1. I quote movies.  I've seen my favorite movies lots of times so I have most of them memorized but I don't really need to.  I can remember them pretty well after only seeing them once or twice.  Things that we say in our everyday lives makes me think of movie quotes.  People think I'm strange...fortunately my husband does it too so at least I have him that I can do it with.  I love it when we end up doing entire scenes of movies.  We laugh a lot!

2. I have seen Twilight in the theater 5 times.  I've never seen another more than once in the theater before.

3. I read the last page in books to see if I like how it ends and that is how I decide if I'm going to read it or not.

4. I never read a book all the way thru...every page...every chapter...every word...in my adult life until Mitch Albom's book The Five People You Meet in Heaven.  I would always read like 1/2 the book and then lose interest...or skip chapters...boring parts.  I've read East of Eden by Steinbeck 50 times and can never seem to get past a certain chapter.  I made a goal of getting thru an entire book back in 2004.  Ever since then I've gotten thru every book I've read.  And I read a lot!  Maybe I should try East of Eden again...

5. I hate my laugh.  Everyone comments on how unique it is...how contagious it is...I can't stand it.  I wish it was different.  Regular and unassuming.

6. When I get really sad...or watch a sad movie I have to watch an episode of Friends as a pick-me-up....like right after watching the sad movie...before going to bed or I can't sleep!  If I get too depressed with life I just watch and episode and it makes me laugh and forget about my problems or my sadness...at least for 30 minutes!

7. I lived near the ocean for years...but I hate seafood!!!  Most people I tell this to find it extremely strange.

8. I am an introvert but when you ask people about me or I tell people that they are very surprised and are like, "NO WAY!"

9. I like to be alone.  A lot.  Being with people exhausts me.  I'm not one of those people who are energized by social situations.  They are very hard for me.  I can do them no problem.  But I have to like take long naps afterwards.

10. I like to have the tv on when I'm home alone.  I'm not really watching it...I just like the background noise.  I prefer it over the radio or music.

11. I never finish cans of Coke.  I drink 1/2 or 3/4 of the can and never seem to finish the rest.  I don't know why I do this.  It drives Corey nuts!

12. If I could be barefoot all the time I would be.

13. I love that I'm an artist but it took me awhile to feel this way.  For many years I wanted my gift to be something else.

14. I've recently taken an interest in scarves.  I just got a new one at Old Navy.  It has multicolored stripes.  Very bold...for me.

15. Two things I really miss from back East are Dunkin Donuts and chicken fingers.  People out here don't seem to know what chicken fingers are...none of the Chinese restaurants make them.

16. I love Drakes Ring Dings.  Not the same as Ding Dongs!!!  You can't get them out here.  Except...we found a NY style pizza place here that has them specially shipped in...and so I'm not crazy...and they sell out of them all the time...so I'm not the only one!!!

Consider yourself tagged if you read this blog! ;D  Let me know what your list consists of!

One other thing...I got an email today about the Wacom Pen Scrappers Contest.  It was a reminder to get your votes in as it is about time to tally up the votes and declare the winners.  If you are a regular here you have seen the icon at the top of my blog to 'vote for me' and you've probably heard me mention it.  Well I'm not one to beg for votes...I mean winning would be great...nice prizes...who wouldn't want to win.  But the thing I'm thinking about is the open spot on their design team! ;D

So if you go here you can see all of the layouts I've entered and you can vote for me if you feel so inclined.  Thank you!  I'll also put thumbnails of the layouts below.  Have a great weekend!

my_husband 365_week2_jm best-of-2008

button-christmas-craft our-tree-christmas-eve-08 laney-playing-in-the-snow-wordle

lets-dance-laney-dance-recital christmas-blossoms fall-walk-filmstrip


3 Responses

  1. Jeni
    Ring Dings freaking rock!!! Sorry I missed your text the other day, however, I am NOT allowed to text. Big surprise, huh? I do love you, I'm so stinkin' time constrainted (it's a word-look it up!) right now it isn't funny. Too much CHAOS in my life! AUGH! (picture Charlie Brown...) Hope all's well, your pages are great. Love love love you!
  2. Jill
    ahhh. Yeah #3 still drives me nuts. I did go vote for you. Love your LO's, really like the page you did on Corey. much love
  3. love the 16 things about you... great way to get to know someone better... and love, love, love the lo... you've been a busy girl... they are so great... I did go vote... hope you win.. good luck!!!